About us

Caroline and I met several years ago when she was dating my husband's former roommate. We had them over for dinner, during which time I stared blankly at a very nice ring on what I was sure was Caroline's right hand. It wasn't. Neither she nor her fiancee mentioned a word of their recent engagement until after they left. Kudos to me and the husband for being the epitome of unobservant (in my defense I had noticed a ring. Just not  realized its importance).
And thus began our friendship.

Nowadays, the two of us are split by about 2000 miles of woods, trees, rivers, and farmland. Caroline, professional photographer at large, lives in Utah with her husband and ridiculously adorable baby girl. She mothers, teaches sometimes at a local university, spends time with her husband, and tries to squeeze in some cooking when she has a chance.

My husband and I recently moved back to the east coast, the DC metro area to be specific. I teach international students at Georgetown University and try to get home in time to cook/photograph something before the sun goes down. Then there's time for hiking, biking, reading, dancing (Irish, of course) etc.

And what do we like to eat? If you haven't noticed from the things we like to cook, here are some of our favorite ingredients/genres, in no particular order:

Lemons, apples, Indian, bread, Middle Eastern, apples, Mexican, burgers, mango sticky rice, cinnamon rolls, Italian, blueberries.

We could go on, but you can see what we eat for yourself by checking out our posts.

Thanks for reading!


(Photo of me and Trav courtesy of Gina Marie Photography; Moscow, Idaho).
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