Friday, July 8, 2011

Melon Slush

One of us two chefs has moved (me- Kelly). And while I grew up in upstate NY and used to be accustomed to all sorts of humidity, I've become too comfortable in the nice dry heat of the west. The kind where it can be 95 degrees outside and you're hot, but not melting into a puddle. But now I live in DC. And it's hot. Really hot. But even worse than that- it's STICKY. So sticky that the thought of turning on an oven (if I had one) or even the stove (if I had one of those) makes me shudder.

How do I cook, you say? Our teensy weensy little studio apartment comes equipped with a hot plate and toaster oven. Be expecting creative dishes with limited amounts of actual cooking until the end of the summer when we move into a bigger place. I can't wait.

But back to the point. Even if I had a way to bake or stew or boil to my heart's content, I would definitely not feel like it. That's why this slush is so divine. It's requires no cooking, it's healthy and sweet (even sweeter if you add the sugar like my husband did), and it's cold. Bring on the ice.

Melon Slush
Recipe adapted from Parade June 2009
Picture by Kelly

Serves 4

4 ice cubes, slightly crushed
5 cups cubed ripe cantaloupe
1/3 cup fresh orange juice
2-4 tablespoons sugar (optional)
  1. Place crushed ice in a blender. Add the melon and orange juice and optional sugar. Blend until slushy-smooth, about 10 seconds. Serve slush immediately (or else it will begin to separate) in chilled glasses with slices of melon on the side.

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