Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We've had a makeover!

Two little chefs has finally had a much needed facelift. Many thanks to Elizabeth and Michelle of Loving Life Designs who volunteered to take on the task of making our blog a little more user friendly and far more attractive. Please notice the links to our facebook, twitter, and pinterest pages on the side bar, as well as links to our recipes. You can still search by ingredient in the "labels" section, only now it won't take up half the page. So what do you think? We may make a few more tweaks in the coming days (like finally finishing the "our kitchen" section), and we finally uploaded the "about us" section, but this is our new look for now! Please explore and share your thoughts.

If you like what you see, and I'm sure you do, please go check out Michelle and Elizabeth's blog. These two lovely ladies are both talented and uber creative graphic designers. They're also sisters (twins, actually), moms (their daughters are both adorable), dancers, and just all around awesome. And they're currently offering to do customized Christmas card designs for you...for free. So if I were you, I'd head on over there and check it out.  Thanks ladies! :)

And thanks for reading!


Kristi said...

I love the new layout!! Great job ladies!!!! Looking forward to more and more recipes :)

Lindsey said...

I really like it! It looks very professional. I like how you have breafast, lunch, dinner, and desserts seperated. The new lable drop down thing is a nice feature. My only wish is for a way to personally search and look up a recipe. Can that be done?? You girls are getting so many recipes that sometimes finding one that I used in the past takes some time finding it. I do think the new layout will make it easier but a search option would be nice. Search option!!!!

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