Wednesday, August 10, 2011

White Candied Popcorn

After a break from the blog I have decided to come back. Why did I take a break you may ask and leave poor Kelly with all the work, and while she doesn't have a stove....well let me just show you the reason.

Sarah was born on May 5th and just turned three months old. She is my sunshine! After her birth I just couldn't seem to find the time or energy to think about and possibly execute a meal. Not only that, but also photograph and document that meal, thus Kelly gave me "maternity" leave; well actually I more told her I was taking a break and she was so kind as to accept.

Now here I am, back with what I contend is truly the easiest recipe on our blog. I know that Kelly claims her Toasted Pitas with Hummus and Veggies are the easiest meal, and perhaps it is, but this is definitely the easiest treat, using only 3, yes 3 ingredients, and a microwave.

My sister made this delicious popcorn for a family dinner we were having at my house the day that we blessed our baby. There were probably 40 people here, and with the exception of a handful of people, everyone loved this simple treat. In fact I would go so far as to say several people raved about this treat, and it really is so, so easy that I know you will love it too - for the simplicity and the taste.

White Candied Popcorn
Recipe from Jessie L.
Pictures by Caroline

2 bags microwave popcorn
1-12 ounce bag white morsels (white chocolate chips, only they aren't chocolate)
1 (lean) tablespoon vegetable oil

1. Microwave popcorn according to package directions. Remove any unpopped kernels and pour into a large mixing bowl.
2. Pour white morsels and oil into a glass bowl. Microwave at 30 second intervals, stirring after each 30 seconds, until you get a creamy mixture.
3. Pour mixture over popcorn and stir gently with a large wooden spoon until all popcorn is evenly coated. Spread popcorn evenly on a large baking sheet and refrigerate for at least an hour to let set. Once the candy coating has hardened, use a spatula to remove the popcorn from the baking sheet, break into small chunks. Keep the popcorn in a plastic bag in the refrigerator until you are ready to eat. Enjoy!


two little chefs said...

Three things:

1- Yes! Something I can make that won't dirty a pan!

2- Lovely photos, as always!

3- I'm really glad you're back. :)

selway2005 said...

I love that picture of Sarah! What a great recipe for a comeback! Thinking of you :)

Kristi said...

Sarah is the cutest :) and the popcorn sounds delicious!!!

Delaps said...

This is the yummiest treat. Thanks for posting it!

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